Get Rid of Clutter: How to Organize for School

Every year just around this time students and parents eagerly shop for back to  HYPERLINK “” school supplies.  They excitedly search the aisles of the school supply stores for colorful folders for every subject, brand new  HYPERLINK “” school binders and a variety of items to fit in the binder. Make this the year to simplify your child’s life.

Tips For Getting Organized for School

Tip #1: One three ring binder

Tip #2: One holding folder at the back of the binder

Tip #3: Less is better/ the more folders the more that can be lost and disorganized

Tip #4: A minimum of two tabs for each subject : class work and test section

Tip #5: Makes this a joint effort between you and your child and check the binder daily for the first month.

How does the simple organized binder system work?

One three ring binder

Two tabs for each subject : class work and test section

One holding folder at the back of the binder to be empties out at the end of the day and paper filed by subject

One bull frog clip in the front of the binder to hold homework when it is completed

One homework planner that fits in the binder

One 3 ring hole puncher

One tool kit(holds pens, pencils, highlighters)

One motivated parent and one motivated child determined to make this simple system work!

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Work together from the first day of school to make the commitment to make this the year to simplify your child’s life by remembering “less is better” when it comes to organizing a school binder.

For more information on learning about a simple system for developing an  organized school binder visit:   HYPERLINK “”

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