Organizing School Materials

Organizational skills and study aid notebook system for students with Learning Disabilities:

Systematic Approach to Organizing School Materials!

As the director of The Total Learning Center since 1982, I have instructed numerous students that have lacked any systematic approach to organizing their school materials.

Often this type of student is referred to my office because he/she is continuously losing assignments, misplacing important papers and is in a general state of confusion and disarray.

As a result, I found a need to develop a simplified notebook system which is easy for the student to follow and the parent to reinforce.

With this notebook system the student can for the first time develop a sense of independence and mastery of their assignments. This has resulted in improved test performance and overall school achievement.

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The Super Study Skills Binder System is sponsored byThe Total Learning Center. The Total Learning Center is a unique facility that offers remedial and enrichment programs for children and adults. Click here to learn more about The Total Learning Center.

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