The Super Binder System

Teach Organizational Skills to your Learning Disabled Students with
the Super Study Skills Binder Notebook System

The Super Binder System

  • “Moving File Cabinet” – all important papers filed
  • All school subjects housed in one binder
  • Only one holding folder to be empied at day’s end
  • Contains 3 ring hole puncher/assignment book/calendar
  • Homework “to do” – completed homework in front clip
  • Each subject can be sub-divided with tabs
  • Section for classwork and completed tests
  • Tool case in binder

The Bad Binder System

  • A different spiral or notebook for each subject
  • Folders for each subject
  • Small notebook pad in book bag
  • Homework placed in school book when completed
  • Homework to do in book bag
  • Pencils/pens/highlighters in school bag


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